Overview of the 3 Dr – use of Drones by emergency teams – Webinar

As I promised, and I almost always meet my promises, here I bring you a summary of the webinar 3 Dr carried out jointly with the Austin, Texas emergency teams.

For those who do not read the previous post here I leave the link so that you may know that was the issue.

The truth is that he was excited and wanting to know what they do in the "land of freedoms and opportunities" regarding the implementation of the drones in tasks intended for emergency teams, as they can be firefighters or civil protection but…

They are not as advanced as I thought.

First have a cisco of the assembled snack bar with the famous "333 expception" of the FAA, somewhat similar to the high as operator in Spain with AESA, by which if you want to fly you have to register your Drone. Similar to Spain but with some different nuances. It gave me the feeling that, as here, when it comes to a la hora de volar fly have a problem with the legislation. There were many people asked for this topic.

On the other hand, if that commented on their experience in field with equipment and operations, which, depending on the situation, changed anything. If you think I comment an overview and then we went to every situation in particular.

The two rapporteurs agreed on one thing: the use of drones in tasks of emergency field helps give an overview of the situation quickly, which from Earth is more complicated.

In this way facilitate decision-making at the top of the chain of command and can carry out actions faster and efficient. Also increase the security of computers that are working because they know in advance the dangers that exist on the stage. For example, and as expected from their experience, in a case search got to see animals, which could be dangerous to the ground equipment and thus could avoid them.

Thus defining by type of emergency use drones:

Fire brigade:

  • In case of large fires, thanks to this technology you can collect orthophotos (aerial photographs with coordinates) and measure the dimension of the extent of the fire and depending on the sensors that the drone porte, difference of temperature between areas within the same fire, this can lead to differentiate foci.
  • In the case of inspection of integrity of structures already burned, drones allow to see, before sending staff to standing inside, if it is safe and prevent injured by unexpected landslides.

Civil protection:

  • In cases of missing factor called POD, Probability of detection, probability of detection, whose definition is at a given speed they have which is the probability that the sensor (person) discover the object/person you are looking for in a given area?. In this case, using drones, this probability increases considerably since they can cover the same area in less time and already if we combine it with the use of different sensors, such as thermal, things improve considerably.  In addition, storage of these images, with coordinates, can be reviewed later and discover things that have been overlooked. Obviously, this can be done with helicopters, but we went again into the issue of budgets and costs.
  • Who also commented in the case of flooding or isolated persons, inspection with drones and the high resolution of the images has allowed them to focus resources towards emergency really important points, a particular example was mentioned during a Flash flood, they could define where they were people trapped by water and what were objects floating "that looked like people" and allocate resources to what is necessary.

Also mention that I speak of the need that these devices could send small packets containing, mobile telephones, blankets, first-aid kits or food until rescue teams could reach the trapped people. No, yet there is nothing defined for these cases… and we talking about Amazon packages take our homes.

Finally, they requested please to stop work to emergency teams, so if you see a fire, or other critical situation, don't get to shoot it with the drone. I know that it is common sense, but it has because of passing more than once.

In the end was interesting, and everything you learn right? We will wait for the next webinar in 3 Dr on the implementation of the drones in other fields.

See you!!

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