Free webinar from 3 Dr – use of drones applied to public safety

Free webinar! Training drones and up free! And as, had to come from '' State close together"is not that he admires them far, but we must recognize them in this prepare and focus are the very best. To Caesar what is Caesar's…

3DRobotics, (3 DR) is preparing a series of lectures of training about the different areas where the drones may be useful. The first talks or Webinar, i.e. that you can attend from your home sofa, is about "the use of drones applied to public safety" and will take place January 28, Thursdays at 11:30 AM PST (Standard Pacific time) about 8:30 P.M. Madrid time. Over with the beer in his hand…

During this session, the following topics will be treated:

  • Significant fires, first response and search and rescue applications.


  • How can the Drone technology give you a 'plus' to your resources and techniques.


  • How an "eye in the sky" can make your teams better adapt to situations and be more efficient.

This webinar will be taught by a firefighter specializing in the use of drones (Coitt Kessler) and civil protection staff, also used to work with these devices (John Buell).

The only downside, if one can say that it is bad, is that the talk will be in English, for which you do not controléis the language of Shakespeare, try to attend, and give an overview on next post from

I repeat, is free, you can sign up by clicking here 3D Webinar

It seems that 3 Dr party do well its machines, for those who do not know them, are the creators of the only 3 Dr, does well the promotion of their products.

Through this series of these free webinars and the series is recorded exclusively with their Drones, you can see it in this previous post, 3D Robotics life after gravity, 3 Dr is driving the use of drones in the workplace, which is good to all, and is worthy of applause.

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See you!


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