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Today I bring a new application to install on your mobile phone, tablet, Ipad or whatever you use as an interface to communicate with your drone. In addition, this time in addition to using it, you can collaborate giving your opinion. Vertical Studios is looking for beta testers for its new application. This will be very good especially to people dedicated to audiovisual with their UAVs.

First of all, for you do not know, is called beta tester to people who did not have to show in the creation of an application, software or product, the test and said his opinion about the same.

Having said that, we are going to the grain. Virtual Studio is a start-up in Mountain View, this site will ring your bell because it is the place where this hosted the headquarters of the big brother google.

All happens to us, when it comes to air videos and scenarios is more than simple: you expect a good day, a good landscape, the magic hour, raise the bug, wait a few minutes, low by the same site and… ready! made video.

The problem comes when there is record close-ups and in motion, by tracking a person running, a car a bike or what not, another drone.

With this application, Vertical Studio, ensures that we will be able to do that until now only professional studios with large and expensive drones and staff of camera equipment can do.

This application, just for the DJI phantom 3 and Inspire, allows to make these complicated frames simply pointing on the screen the target to be recorded. Himself does the rest. 

The most curious thing is that it does not use GPS. It does so through a vision software. The drone is still what the drone sees. Simple right?

For those who want to be B-testers of this application you can request an invitation at the following link:


And then I leave a video that, in theory, makes the application and how it works:

Video credits: Vertical Studio

Those who ye shall receive the invitation can use the comments on this post to tell us how you went.

See you!!

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