Oh! you know to fly a drone… and what do you do with the data that you collect? [Parte I]

I still remember Expodronica, the last thematic fair in Zaragoza. Absolute success, exceeded the expectations of the audience. Worldwide ce nearby wanted to know about these machines flying that Jeff Bezos (Amazon big boss) will use to send purchases to their clients. Ads each little commenting "the profession of the future (put music Odyssey 2001): pilot of drones" and all brands and dealers, began missing some, showing their wonderful engineering.

While I walked by there I realized a couple of things:

  • -The first: it seems that all the commercial had learned the same script. "The chassis our drone is of carbon, has a variable xxx, and engines YYY switchboard SSS, you would like, flight time?" (When I asked this question is when I loomed the discomfort) well, Yes, the standard in these machines…


  • -Everyone said, do this? This is the future, here there is a market, some job opportunities from the snack bar… have you heard the saying: "A priest going you to talk to say mass?" because that…


Then, if a certain level of range the difference between drones no longer so great (by removing people from sensefly with its Exom and Jordi if I surprised) what is important? How do we differ from the rest?  Maybe just one thing: data.

It is true, everything is about data, the information you collect with the sensor that takes your computer. Awake, for years we live in the information age, everyone seeks it. It is so going to pay your prospect"and if you do it fast, cheap and better, of course. What previously was done by light aircraft and satellite, with waits that it entails, is now made with the drones more immediately.

Then it only remains you do this:

  1. Choose a Drone with a good ground station or planner, you'll normally have to overlap photographs and is best that the computer do so automatically, at the points that you've indicated previously. UGCs has released one pretty decent for DJI.
  2. Are you going to spend? carefully choose the sensors (cameras with different filters) are not cheap.
  3. Train you in programs to treat such data.  During my experience and career I've used several programs in which you use aerial imagery and satellite that you generate aka GIS or GIS geographic information systems

ARCgis and Erdas Software are 2 super-potentes software suites that carry out the treatment of the data collected (composition of orto-mosaicos, sequences of evolution of the field, treatment of photography by NVDI, NIR, IR filters air) but are so extensive that if you have not eager liarte, better that you pass to the next paragraph.

Programs are tailored to the drones that you drive, the main, and that I've tried are PIX4d, Drone deploy and Agisoft Photoscan, although the latter is more in the generation of 3D models field rather than in the world of Mapping.

3, to be in equal conditions and know what each offers, I tried the free versions that offer, then I tell you where you can find them:

To the topic:

 Dronedeploy review

Surprisingly nice. Better definition impossible. The truth is that tinkering between Drones-oriented mapping software I came across this fun.

Aside from your Drone, filter, camera, and the ability not to lose that you have recorded (eye this happens), at your home or office, you should have a powerful enough computer why? simply because the software of the day to which you will eat the photos you've taken, to digest and give you decent results for before the coming week, it is necessary to have a capacity of elegant processing

Here is the good thing about DroneDeploy! The powerful computer they have it, if it is what you're thinking,! is a service in the cloud.!

You only have to worry about having a powerful bandwidth to upload you pictures, define you the work area and they are responsible for the rest.

The environment that use is very intuitive and easy to use.

It is true that according to the project takes more or less, I did the test with a 12 photos taken with a normal camera a P3 project advanced, but the possibility to access your projects from anywhere, and change of orthophoto, 3D model, model of digital elevation and NVDI (sloppy because the camera had no filter) It is really an advantage. Imagine that your client is a farmer, you can be on the ground and see less wetlands on your tablet, for example, while you walk with him around his farm.

 This is the entrance to the program, once you've registered and given high, where we will see several made examples to see where the shots are going, and we can begin our project:

Dronedeploy review, dashboard

Also has another advantage (think I sell it) online support. I had a problem when uploading my photos and automatically through the chat, and a nice lady gave me the relevant indications to fix it. Once processed the project the next day, I could access it I did the following tests:


I did measurements on photography, the width of the road, the first blue line and compared them with the sigpack and a dwg of the Government of la rioja and the error was minimum. Taking into account that I did quickly the results were satisfactory.

Drone deploy review

 2. Digital surface model:


This time it was not very successful, the scale of colors with respect to reality wasn't very matched. The car does not measure 10 m high. The fault is not the program, but when it comes to collecting photos camera was not completely parallel to the ground, we will have to investigate the configuration of the program also.

3. 3D model:

Drone deploy review

Another pleasant surprise, taking into account the number of photos taken and that was for a quick test program did very well. You have the option to rotate the model in all respects… and the result is surprisingly good.

In short Dronedeploy:

Dronedeploy review

Well, as this is becoming very long, operate the post at least in 2 parts, in the following I shall talk about the PIX4d and software AGISOFT. If you are interested, stay tuned…

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See you!


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