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Dedaloworks is the guest star  of a special post, It starts a new section in this blog whose function will be to inform about the new start-ups related with the UAVs drones or companies that use this technology for developing their activities.

Carlos Lorente , professional pilot, UAV pilot and Dedaloworks co-founder, explain us in a little interview its new activity.

Hi carlos,

Why the world of UAVs?

It’s a new sector that grows every day with a high expectations, either in a technological level  or in working  opportunities.  Each day appear new applications in different working areas for these aircrafts and It foresees the in the next decade it will create more than 150.000 job posts in the European Union.  International reports mention that this will be the 10% of all billing of aeronautical industry , about 15K millions of euros.

Thus, is a market that allows to me mixing my passion for flying activities in anyway with technology and audiovisual environment.

The name, Dedaloworks, has any special meaning?

Yes, it is a reference to the Greek myths Dedalo and Icaro, from the work “The metamorphosis”, from Ovidio.  The best known part of this work, talks about the way Dedalo and Icaro escape from the minotaur  labyrinth: they build wings with wax and feathers. The technology , flight and the invention was the passion of this myth, the same for our company.

The scope of Dedaloworks?

Among the services that we provide are: aerial photography an video, mapping , industrial inspections and publicity in different areas. The next jump will be precision agriculture, aerial security and emergency operations.

I know that, besides the sevices that you provide, Dedaloworks distributes the brand Yuneec.. Why Yuneec?

Although this brand looks like a new one, Yuneec has been in the market from more than 15 years. It won several prices like the “Lindberg Electric Aircraft Prize” in 2010. This prize was for a innovative design of a electric airplane engine. They have a clear focus into get flying with less pollutant energies.

1800 employees among Asia, Europe and America produce more than 1 million units with different models and companies like Intel have become into technological partners.

Its  aim of combining flight and sustainability and for being the first company introducing the Ready To Fly (RTF) concept, we think that accomplishes with all the requirements that we could ask for to a supplier.

Which are the advantages compared with  other brands like DJI or 3DRobotics?

Basically two: RTF and acquisition cost. The RTF concept allows you to fly and maintain a UAV to lower price than our competitors. This price is lower without loosing quality in video or in the flight platform.

Do you have a physical shop?

We are looking for it yet. We want an space where the people can try the drones  before buying It.  We think that it will be ready the next 2016. However, anyone who wants try our products can contact with us in our web page. We will move, inside our influence area, and will do a demonstration.

Which is your star model? And which are the differences with the previous more expensive model?

Tornado H920, this is our top. An hexacopter  below 5kg with double RC (pilot and camera operator) both with LCD multifunction screen and built in carbon fiber. RTF of course, with aluminum case, stabilized ground station platform PRO-ACTION and camera 4K  included. The price, up to December the 31st ,  will be 5.999 € . 1.000 €  below its catalog price.

Tornado H920

The difference with the previous model, the Typhoon Q500 4K, is the four engines, the weight, 1,7 Kgs it maintains the recording quality. It has a great stabilized flight and a wingspan of 510 mm. As well as the typhoon, It brings its aluminum box and the stabilized ground station. Its price 1.299 €.


Typhoon Q500 4K

Both models can use, also, other gimbals to adapt other cameras.


Which are the expectations of Dedaloworks  for the next years?

Dedaloworks is a start-up  but It has a lot of personal and working  experience inside the areas we want to focus in. We think that the actual UAVs market and its application will grow exponentially and in Dedaloworks we aspire to become a top company in the world of services a brand distribution in the north of Spain.


Thanks Carlos and good luck with your projects in Dedaloworks.

Thanks to you Javi for giving me the opportunity of talking about Dedaloworks. It have been a pleasure to inaugurate this section in


If you are interested into put contact with Dedaloworks you can do it in the following e-mail, phone and webpage.  



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